Something About The Amazing Save on Facebook

Facebook is fantastic, but it can be a productivity drain. Your news feed is full of people sharing fascinating links, wonderful videos, and other interesting tidbits. If you sit to read or watch each one, you’ll be spending far more time on Facebook than is healthy for you. What do you do then?

Once I’ve explained the basics of how this tool works, I’ll show you how to integrate it into a kick-ass system that will make you super-productive.

In your quest to stop Facebook-related procrastination, you might have tried a lot of things, but you’ve probably overlooked the most obvious solution: Save on Facebook. Facebook introduced this feature two years ago, and so far, less than one in four people use it.

But if you make Save on Facebook a part of how you browse the social network, you’ll find you get through your news feed faster and miss less stuff!

How to Use Save On Facebook

Here’s the good news. You don’t need to install anything to start using Save on Facebook. It’s part of the Facebook website and the Facebook app for Android and iOS.


To save a post

  • On desktop: Click the dropdown arrow on any post, and click “Save link”, “Save post”, etc.
  • On mobile: Tap the dropdown arrow on any post, and tap “Save link”, “Save post”, etc.

To see your saved posts

  • On mobile: Tap Menu > Favorites > Saved.
  • On desktop: In the left sidebar, click Favorites > Saved. Alternately, go directly to


You can also save Places, Photos, Pages, Music, Events, and more. The cool part? Facebook identifies the type of content automatically and will categorize it in your Saved folder.

Why Save On Facebook is Productive

Now if you follow awesome geeky Pages on Facebook or your favorite websites, your feed will be full of links that you want to read or videos you want to watch. But if you sit and watch every single one, it’ll completely derail your work schedule. Plus, you might actually miss some other interesting stuff the minute you browse away from your timeline.

Instead, here’s a simpler way to stay productive and not miss out on anything. Create a “Daily Digest” for yourself.

  1. If you see any interesting link, just Save it, don’t tap it.
  2. The same goes for videos. Don’t watch anything, just Save them. You should also dig into your Facebook’s settings and disable auto-playing videos.
  3. At the end of your day, take 10 minutes to go to your Saved folder and review everything under “Today”. Whatever doesn’t seem interesting now, delete it or archive it.
  4. This customized “daily digest” is your Internet entertainment for the day! Bookmark this page!


Yes, yes, I know you can’t wait to watch the newest trailer of that superhero flick that everyone is sharing, but a little patience can go a long way. While some distractions can improve your productivity, that’s the exception. Even a three-second interruption causes major errors, and if you go over three minutes, it can take almost half an hour to resume concentration.

Of course, this is just for those times when you’re doing something important and don’t want Facebook to disrupt you. When you’re relaxed and just browsing your news feed, feel free to read as you go.

So take that little Facebook break between tasks, but make it just about skimming and don’t go deep into it. This practice could also help you avoid Facebook’s depressive tendencies.

Why Save Over Bookmarks or Pocket

Let’s not over-complicate it. Save to Facebook is the same as using a bookmark or adding a link to a digital bookmarking service like Pocket. So why use this? Well, for a couple of reasons.

It’s Not Overwhelming

Ever had to manage many years worth of bookmarks? It’s going to be a cluttered mess. Chances are, you don’t even remember why you saved that link. But Facebook’s auto-categorization makes things a little easier here.


Your links are separate from your videos, without you needing to lift a finger. Interesting photos are stored separately, music is in a different tab, and so on. And when you’re done with a link, you can just archive it so you know you’ve already seen it. In simple ways, Facebook stops its Saves from becoming overwhelming.

It Reminds You to Read

I’m a big fan of Pocket, but even I have trouble getting through everything I save and need to rely on apps to get more out of Pocket. It’s almost like Pocket becomes a vault of interesting links that I’ll never read again unless I go to Pocket. But Facebook found a way around this.


When you visit Facebook, it will sometimes put your Saved links into your news feed, reminding you that you haven’t read this link or watched this video. You’re free to ignore it, knowing fully well that it’s stored safely. But that subtle reminder can sometimes be just what you need to go through your backlog.

It’s Everywhere and App-Free

You browse your news feed. You see interesting stuff. You save it in Facebook. And then you find those saved items in Facebook. It’s all one app, which is incredibly convenient. Some people don’t use Facebook’s in-app browser, but when browsing Saved links on the mobile app, it’s a game-changer!

By making Save a part of Facebook itself, you don’t need a separate app or any extra tools. And that matters! You have to jump through hoops to save Twitter links to Pocket, and even the new Save to Google feature requires an extension. With Facebook, there are no such extras needed.


Do You Like Save to Facebook?

A quick survey showed that surprisingly few people knew about Save to Facebook, including those who spend the better part of their day on the social network. It’s a valuable feature, and one that can change how you use Facebook.

Do you like Save to Facebook? Are you already using it? What can be improved?

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