Project Management PMP Prep Bundle On Sale Now

If you’re looking to become a project manager, this bundle of courses is tailor-made for you. It features 5 classes that’ll give you 41 contact hours towards your PMP certification exam, which is just about hublot replica watchesrequired to land a job in the field.

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The Common Sense Approach to Learning PMP Project Management


This course breaks project management down in a way that makes sense to anyone, whether you’ve managed a project or not. It’s a visual course that’s not focused on lectures, which means it’ll keep you engaged from start to finish. And all the content is meant to prepare you to pass the PMP or CAPM exam.

Master Project Risk Management – 5 PDUs


A huge part of managing a project is dealing with risk. No project is without risk, and a good manager needs to be able to assess it and decide whether a risk is worthwhile. This course will teach you just that!

PMP Exam Prep Seminar: 35 PDUs


This course has 35 contact hours towards a PMP certification and it’ll teach you everything you need to know about the PMBOK Guide and PMP exam objectives. There’s 139 lectures with 49 hours of content, so it’ll definitely keep you busy for a while!

Project Management in Marketing


No one in marketing just jumps in and does whatever they want. There needs to be organization and management of any marketing project, and that’s what this course focuses on. After taking it, you’ll learn to turn out marketing campaigns more effectively, on time, and within budget, which will make you a valuable asset to any project management firm. Even if project management in marketing isn’t the field that’s of interest to you, the core concepts of analysing risk, project management methodologies, and others, will be covered.

Master the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition


The key to learning project management comes down to the PMBOK Guide. This class breaks everything in the guide down, so you’ll be ready to roll!

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If you’ve been looking for a new career, this course could be a great jump-off point into project management. Check it out, but don’t wait, because it’s only available at this price for a limited time!

Buy: Project Management PMP Prep Bundle

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