Mix Your Own Sleep Sounds With These Soothing iPhone Apps

Which sounds help you to fall asleep ? Do you like to hear water bubbling, crickets chirping, or a clock ticking? Maybe you like sounds like these mixed together?

You can find many iOS apps that offer relaxing sleep sounds. But if you would like to mix sound effects together for that perfect atmosphere, we have a few apps that will get you off to dreamland in no time.

1. SoundShade (Free)

With SoundShade you can create your own combination of ambience using the 38 sounds included with the app. Start with an existing template made up of four sounds, or select a few from each to create your own. For example, you can choose a wind effect from Autumn Forest, a wind chime from Japanese Garden, and a thunderstorm from Cosy Home.

soundshade ios app

Once you’ve picked your sounds, you can arrange them on the main screen to modify the audio balance. Place them on the left, right, front, or back if you are using earphones. You can also move them further away from the indicator to decrease the sound to your preference.

SoundShade includes a handy timer and section for your favorites. The app is free with in-app purchases for additional sounds starting at $0.99.

2. Relax Melodies (Free)

Relax Melodies offers a nice variety of sounds to create the perfect setting. You can whip up a combination of 52 sounds that include animals, white noise, music, and nature effects. When you choose a sound, you can adjust the volume of it as well as the volume for the entire mix.

relax melodies ios app

The app also includes Isochronic Tones, Binaural Beats, and a variety of melodies. If you think that others will enjoy a mix you created, you can submit it within the app. Relax Melodies has a timer , clock display, alarm, and bedtime setting.

Check out in-app purchases for extra sounds, meditation sessions, and ad-removal. You can also upgrade to the paid version for $2.99.

3. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds (Free)

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds goes beyond its name by offering nature, transportation, and even appliance sounds in addition to rain. You can combine up to three effects and tweak the volume of each one. Mix a beach bonfire with an ocean pier and seagulls to emulate the ambience of camping on a beach.

rain rain sleep sounds ios app

You can switch the screen mode to display relevant photos to accompany the sounds. The app also includes a section for your favorites, and a timer that you can set by duration or specific time. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds is free with 25 effects and some in-app purchases for more sound packs.

4. Sleep Pillow Sounds (Free)

Sleep Pillow Sounds may not have as many effects as similar apps, but if you enjoy it you can buy more via in-app purchases. The basic sounds include options like a crackling fire, ocean waves, and a rain storm. You can create one mix with up to three sounds and adjust the volume for each.

sleep pillow sounds ios app

The sound packs available via in-app purchase have between ten and 65 sounds and vary in price, so Sleep Pillow Sounds is a good try-before-you-buy app that also has a paid version for $2.99. The upgrade will give you unlimited mixes, an alarm clock, and an extended sleep timer.

5. TaoMix 2 (Free)

TaoMix 2 is similar to SoundShade in that you can rearrange the sounds as you choose. Start with a pack of essentials that includes sounds of river water, small ocean waves, and chirping birds.

Tap to add sounds, arrange them on the main screen, and then bounce the circular cursor. The cursor continues to move over the effects creating a unique sound with each pass. You can stop the cursor with a tap to concentrate on just one sound.

taomix ios app

You can create your own recordings with TaoMix 2 which gives you flexibility for the exact sounds you want. The app includes in-app purchases for additional sound packs starting at only $0.99.

6. White Noise (Free)

White Noise Free has been on the scene for quite some time, but is still a favorite when it comes to creating your own custom sound mixes. The app offers more than white, brown, blue, and pink noise.

With over 40 sound effects, you can combine a vacuum cleaner with a rinsing dishwasher, or a rain storm with the African jungle. Mix up to five sounds to create your ideal background noise.

white noise ios app

You can arrange the sounds and adjust the volume, pitch, variance, and speed for just the right effect. Then, save mixes and favorites, create playlists, set a timer or alarm, and use the clock display. White Noise Free has a paid version for $0.99 which provides background audio, additional alarms, and ad-removal.

7. White Noise: Relaxing and Deep Sleep Sounds (Free)

Not to be confused with the app above, this app has some very unusual sound effects that can create distinctive mixes. Are you interested in combining a typewriter with blue noise or a vinyl record with rain on an umbrella?

white noise ios app

The app also has nature and household sounds similar to others, including a purring cat, ocean waves, and a country meadow. But with the truly unique options on offer, you can create something totally different to the other apps. Simply swipe through the sounds on the screen and tap to activate each one.

The app is free with an in-app purchase to remove the ads for $1.99.

8. Windy ($2.99)

Windy is completely unlike any other app on this list. It is not merely a sleep sound mixer, but an interesting story and mesmerizing visual feast as well. Each selectable scene is a chapter in a story about a girl named Windy, and her journey.

windy ios app

When you choose a scene, you can mix up to five of the sound effects in the app. You can pick music, water, or crickets to accompany the scene. You will love the motion-controlled 3D graphics and can tap the leaf at the top to read the chapter if you like.

windy ios app

Windy has a sleep timer so that you can create a bedtime story setting . If you enjoy the app, you can check out similar options from the developer such as North Winford and Sunny, each for $2.99.

Are You Ready to Set the Scene?

Apps like these are wonderful helpers if you have trouble falling or staying asleep . You can also use them for relaxation, meditation, or controlled breathing sessions. They are beneficial for creating a soothing atmosphere, whenever you need it. Just don’t forget your headphones.

Do you use an app to create calming and comforting sound effects? Let us know if we missed your favorite in the comments below.

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