Microsoft Launches a Camera App Called Sprinkles

Microsoft has launched a new iOS camera app called Sprinkles. Because the one thing iOS users need above all else is yet another camera app. Especially one called Sprinkles. Microsoft’s take on the genre borrows heavily from Snapchat, with captions, stickers, and emojis aplenty.

There was a time, not so long ago, when you’d take a photograph and that would be that. Each photo would capture a moment in time, and remain unsullied by filters and other detritus. And then Snapchat arrived on the scene, and everything changed. Including Microsoft, it would seem.

So Sprinkles, So Unoriginal

As spotted by TechCrunch, Sprinkles is an iOS camera app which lets you do a host of different things with each photo you snap. You can add your own caption, add stickers and emojis , and place virtual photobooth-style props about your person. So far, so unoriginal.

However, Sprinkles also utilizes Microsoft’s machine learning capabilities. The app will suggest captions based on what’s in the photo, resize and align stickers to fit your face, auto-detect your age, and inform you who your celebrity lookalike is.

Unfortunately, even these last two features aren’t new, with Microsoft previously offering to tell you how old you are on and pair you with a celebrity on Still, it makes sense to wrap these features, and a few more besides, into a dedicated camera app.

Appealing to a Certain Demographic

Sprinkles is a strange app, but one that’s likely to appeal to a certain demographic. That being the younger generation who need to add something, anything, to a photo before letting anyone see it. Which is, we assume, why Microsoft called this app Sprinkles in the first place.

Sprinkles is available for free on the iTunes App Store right now.

How many camera apps do you have installed on your phone? Do you have room for another one? Do any of Sprinkles’ features appeal? Or have you seen them all before on one app or another? Do you appreciate Microsoft’s efforts? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Eddy Milfort via Flickr

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