Lingwu City deepens the reform of scientific and technological system and mechanism to promote scientific and technological innovation

Guide enterprises and scientific research institutes to jointly build innovation platforms or technical cooperation carriers. Promoted 4 production-university-research projects, such as “Functional Rice Product Processing Technology Research and Demonstration Project” and “Non-metallic Tailings Amorphous-Crystalline Preparation of Glass-ceramics Key Technology and Demonstration”. Promote the Ningxia Lingheng Remanufacturing Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Suzhou Nano Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly build a research institute to implement a 5 million yuan central guidance special scientific and technological development project.
Implement preferential policies for R & D expenses plus deductions. Enterprises are encouraged to develop scientific and technological activities based on their own advantages. Establish a scientific and technological enterprise cultivation library and cultivate innovative enterprise clusters divided into echelons. In 2019, 5 national high-tech enterprises, 10 agricultural high-tech enterprises in the autonomous region, and 20 technological small and medium-sized enterprises will be nurtured. Formulate the “Work Plan on Implementing the Demand-oriented Technology Project Formation Mechanism of the Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department to Carry out Technology Innovation Demand Solicitation” and “Notice on Solicitation of Technology Innovation Demand in Industries or Industries”, etc. S & T breakthrough bottlenecks and key common technology needs for technological innovation demand collection.
A total of more than 70 projects including the central government’s guidance on local science and technology development projects, science and technology finance, key research and development plans, and autonomous region enterprises’ scientific and technological innovation needs were organized. The approved project funds were 12.7784 million yuan. We will improve the punishment mechanism for trustworthiness, incentives, and trustlessness, strictly implement the spirit of the Autonomous Region ’s “Implementation Opinions on Strengthening Research Integrity,” establish a blacklist for enterprises in the science and technology system, restrict the declaration and establishment of blacklisted enterprises ’science and technology projects, and cancel government preferential policies such as the enjoyment of technology support subsidies. Strengthen information sharing and carry out joint rewards and punishments. Formulate a public credit information catalog in the field of scientific research, incorporate untrustworthiness into one-vote vetoes of scientific and technological projects, and build a joint credit punishment mechanism of “one broken trust, hard to do everywhere”.