Learn to Select Which Google Photos to Back Up on Android

There are many ways to back up photos from your Android device, but Google Photos might be one of the easiest. Since it’s already integrated into your phone and Google account, you simply have to enable its auto-backup and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your photos are safe.

Make sure your version of the app is up to date by checking the Play Store for updates, then launch the app.

However, maybe you take a lot of pictures and don’t want to automatically save them all to Google Photos. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that the Google Photos app for Android now supports selective backups instead of all-or-nothing.

Now, simply long-press on any photo to turn on multi-select; tap all the photos you’d like to back up after doing this. Once you’ve got them all selected, tap the three-dot overflow menu and choose Back up now. That’s all there is to it!

Remember that for most users, automated backups are a smart idea because they don’t require you to stop and back up — it’s too easy to forget! It’s safer to let everything back up and delete photos from the cloud you don’t need once in a while than to risk losing irreplaceable photos.

If you’re trying to cut down on Google Photos’ storage space usage, try combining this manual backup with our free multi-layered backup plan so you have several layers of protection


Do you like Google Photos backing up everything, or would you rather have fine-tuned control? Have a say in the comments!

Image Credit: dennizn via Shutterstock.com

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