Learn to Easily Use Emojis on Mac OS X

Indeed, emojis are powerful enough to transcend language and culture, so if you aren’t using them, one could say that you’re limiting your potential for self-expression in this digital age. But no worries! If you’re on OS X, Apple has made it trivially easy to join in on the fun.

Did you know that the emoticon is over 30 years old? It’s weird to think that the modern emoji has roots that go back more than a couple decades, but it is what it is — and nowadays, the emoji has become a standard form of communication that everyone needs to know about.


Here’s how easy it is: At any point, press Command + Control + Space.

Can you believe that this feature actually debuted in OS X back when 10.7 Lion was released? Yet so many people don’t know about it, and even fewer people actually use it. Microsoft didn’t have emoji support until Windows 10.

Doing so brings up an emoji dashboard of sorts, allowing you to browse through all of the standard ones and effortlessly pick whichever one you need for the situation. Whether you’re sending an email, talking in a chatroom, or posting a Facebook update, it comes in handy.

Yup, that’s it.

And if you have an iOS device, remember that you can easily unlock a hidden emoticon keyboard on that as well.

Do you use emojis a lot? Which ones are your favorite? Got any other emoji tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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