Learn more about the hinges, screens, cameras and speakers of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

As an expert engineer who finished machine design and mechanical engineering classes, I find the facts behind the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 fascinating. You have to watch the Z Fold 2: Untold Stories video embedded below to enjoy the engineering behind this new foldable mobile device. I have seen it four times thus far. It’s easy to find a great phone now. In fact, current flagship devices are so great you really don’t have to be replacing them every year.
A sample apparatus was sent to me to get a 14-day evaluation period and after less than 24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold two I put an order for my own model, Mystic Black with Metallic Red hinge. You’d be hard-pressed to discover another mobile device today with this kind of elegant fit, complete, and technology prowess. Also: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold two first look: Improved hinge, larger displays, and software improvements
If you open up a book, you find the pages create a layer effect in the border opposite of the spin. This slip was dealt with by Samsung via the revolutionary Hideaway Hinge that creates two virtual axes down in the’spine’ of the Z Fold 2.
Thanks to the brand new quad CAM system employed at the Hideaway Hinge of this Z Fold 2 you can now open up the telephone and prop open the top to use with apps in specific ways. The new hinge system lets you utilize free status Flex Mode through a variety of angles as friction at the CAM supports the weight of the phone. There are four CAM hinges in the Z Fold 2 and over 60 total pieces make up the elements of the hinge.
Another improvement from the hinge is the sweeper system with fibers which keep particles out. In the movie Samsung states the inspiration for this came out of a vacuum clOne of their most important improvements on the Z Fold 2, compared to Galaxy Fold, is that the Cover Screen dimensions increase from 4.6 to 6.2 inches. I was able to use the original Fold display for a number of programs, but entering text has been definitely a chore on such a tiny display.
Together with the Z Fold 2, 6.2 inches pushes out the display in all four directions so there’s a very small bezel around all four sides. It is all about the dimensions on the outside display and it is now close to what you find on other smartphones.
Along with the size growth, the Cover Screen also incorporates Gorilla Glass Victus, the most lasting glass accessible on a Galaxy mobile phone. The rear of the Z Fold two is made with Gorilla Glass 6 material. The size increase is great, particularly with the elimination of the massive sensor/camera block at the upper right corner and the 27% decrease in side bezels. As soon as you use a display with a high refresh rate you just can not return to a typical 60Hz display. The display is composed of two base layers, the AMOLED display panel layer, the UTG layer, a protective coating, and a Samsung-installed screen protector. Engineering also went to designing the glue that holds layers together and that alone is an incredible effort.
You may have seen some folks online removing the installed display protector, but Samsung advises buyers to call Samsung to learn in which a Samsung authorized representative can get rid of this for you for free if you do not need it installed. Since you aren’t going to get the glass coating directly after eliminating the screen protector, then I don’t understand why one would want to eliminate the screen protector and I have no plans to eliminate it when my Z Fold 2 arrives. The display has roughly the identical soft texture as the orignal Galaxy Fold, but I never had a problem with that very first screen and this one has performed flawlessly over the past week too.

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