Introducing 5 Awesome Google Maps for Surviving Future Disasters


If you spend some time reading news curation apps, one thing becomes clear very quickly. These days, there’s a lot of bad news. From terrorist attacks to natural disasters, it seems like doomsday is just around the corner.

There is no way to be 100% sure about this. The best you can do is be prepared with apps in case of emergency, and find out your chances right now through some simulations. If you’re feeling a bit morbid or afraid, try these simulators…

It makes you wonder, how good are your survival chances in case of a big event? If some superpower decides to launch nuclear weapons, would you be spared? If an asteroid came hurtling towards Earth, would the impact change your life entirely?

NukeMap (Web): Check the Impact of a Nuclear Bomb

It’s the greatest man-made threat to our lives. Since the Second World War, we have all lived under the ever-present danger of a nuclear war. And today, the kind of bombs are far more deadly than what Hiroshima or Nagasaki saw. In case a nuke does hit your city, would you survive? Find out at NukeMap.


Narrow down where it would impact and click the Detonate button to see it go off and its aftereffects, like the radioactive fallout and the estimated casualties. Chilling stuff!

NukeMap is a detailed simulation that lets you choose a target city or location, either by entering the name or drag-and-dropping a marker on a map. Choose the weightage of the bomb, which again comes with presets like the largest bomb tested by India or the largest bomb in the current US arsenal.

Floodmap (Web): When Water Levels Rise, Would It Hit Home?

Mankind’s most immediate problem seems to be climate change and rising sea levels. In the distant future, we might be living in cool underwater cities. But at the moment, even a two-meter rise in our sea levels can completely change life as we know it. Want to know how badly it would change? Just go to your city on Floodmap.


Cities bordering the coast or on major rivers are obviously more affected by this, but the actual impact is surprising. A meter might not seem like much, but when you see how much of the land of a city would be submerged or affected, it suddenly hits home.

So add a location, set the number of meters that water might rise by, and see what will happen to the geography you know.

Impact Calculator (Web): Are You Ready for an Asteroid Strike?

Every now and then, we hear about how an asteroid passed quite close to earth, and a slight change in its trajectory was all that saved us from impact.

Asteroids have crashed on earth before, so it can happen again. And this isn’t a game to shoot asteroids before impact. What would the world be like then? Check out Down 2 Earth’s Impact Calculator to find out.


Impact Calculator actually lets you set several parameters before running the simulation, such as the nature of the asteroid, its size and speed, and so on. It might be a little difficult to understand, so visit this similar other app, Purdue’s Impact Earth, which explains all these parameters better.

I recommend Down 2 Earth’s Impact Calculator because the actual simulation on the map is a lot better than what you get with Purdue’s app.

Collapse (Web): Watch How You Could Spread an Epidemic

It’s incredibly well made. Start off with where you live, and watch how the game-cum-simulator takes you step by step through seemingly logical choices that result in a growing infection. By using Google Maps’ places of interest, it feels even more real and possible. I don’t know about you, but Collapse made me read our article on influenza-fighting apps based on Twitter and Facebook.

Video game developer Ubisoft’s newest title, Tom Clancy’s The Division, has been one of the most hyped and anticipated games since last year. As part of the promotion of the post-outbreak apocalyptic game, Ubisoft made an epidemic simulator based on Google Maps called Collapse. Collapse shows how you could spread a disease around the world if you were patient zero!



Class 3 Outbreak (Web, Android, iOS): Live Out a Zombie Outbreak on Google Maps!

Us geeks love the concept of zombies, those walking dead who want to feast on our brains. But if a zombie outbreak were to really happen, how would it spread and who would be affected? Class 3 Outbreak is both a game and a live simulation of such an apocalyptic event, played out on Google Maps.


Forget about the game and just check out the simulation. You can either see what the infection in your own area would be like, or go to a random location in the world. In the top-left corner, the numbers will keep ticking away as civilians’ decrease, zombies increase, and the infected keep growing. And in case this makes you a bit paranoid, we hope you know how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Download: Class 3 Outbreak for Android (Free) | for iOS (Free)

Which Disaster Do You Fear?

As someone who lives on the coast and comes from a nuclear power constantly in conflict with its neighboring nuclear power, the fear of the bomb and rising sea levels top my charts of possible disaster scenarios.

What about you? What doomsday scenario is most likely for you, and have you prepared for it in any way?

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