How Twitter Rediscover What Tech Fans Have Missed

The site has become a place where billions of people can learn and discover what interests them. But it’s also a place to rediscover what you may have missed.

As the social media site puts it: If it’s happening in the world, it’s happening on Twitter. For tech fans, this statement rings true. Tech fans often take to Twitter to share and read about the latest gadgets, tips, and tech advice.

Starting with the First Tweets

To rediscover these gems, type this unique code into Twitter’s search bar: from:@(name) since:year-mm-dd until:year-mm-dd.

Elisa Gabbert explains that this code is the best way to find older tweets, as she found that many other search terms simply don’t work. Something I certainly agree with.

MakeUseOf’s (@MakeUseOf) first tweet, and also the first tech tweet you should know about, goes all the way back to December 2006:

And was followed by a few more tweets of the same nature:

MakeUseOf first Tweets

Quite funny.

In keeping with firsts, the next tweet to know about (and a great account to follow) comes from SpaceX (@SpaceX), an aerospace manufacturer and space transport company. One that many tech fans are certainly keeping a close eye on.

Not only will you find funny tweets, MakeUseOf also tweets about tech tips, gadget information, and tech giveaways. Be sure to give them a follow. Er, us, that is.

Their tweet below shows one of their rockets landing on an ocean platform, a first-time event and one for the record books. In addition to showing off their achievements, SpaceX also re-tweets other space-like achievements from the International Space Station (@Space_Station) and NASA (@NASA), America’s space agency.

The man behind SpaceX, and someone that every tech-lover is sure to know about, is Elon Musk (@elonmusk). He’s also co-founded Tesla Motors (@TeslaMotors), PayPal (@PayPal), and chairs SolarCity (@solarcity), to name but a few things. His achievements are vast and his tweets are interesting. He often tweets about his tech-companies and funny quips.

Speaking of replies, Microsoft built an artificial intelligent (AI) chat-bot to understand real-life conversations named Tay (@TayandYou), which now requires a follow request in order to be accessed. Why?

The bot sort-of went into freakout mode and said such things like “I just hate everybody” and other crude statements, as you can see below.

If you’re interested in learning more and potentially accessing the bot, be sure to visit

The American fast food chain is apparently soon to introduce an AI-bot that lets you order burgers straight from Twitter, another historic feat for mankind.

Though if you’re interested in chatting with a bot that can order you some burgers, then consider focusing your attention on Burger King.

More Top Tweets and Twitter Accounts

Bill Gates (@BillGates), the co-founder of Microsoft (@Microsoft) and philanthropist, is another person to know about on Twitter (not that you didn’t know about him before).

He often tweets about his philanthropist endeavors and love of tech, which is certainly interesting for anyone interested in this article.

His top tweet, determined by the number of retweets on MyTopTweet, remembers the life of tech-legend Steve Jobs – the co-founder of Apple and tech innovator.

By the way, Apple and Steve Jobs don’t officially have Twitters accounts. To read more about official Apple information, you’ll have to follow Tim Cook (@tim_cook), the CEO of Apple. He often tweets about his love of Auburn football and Duke basketball but also about tech innovations, such as the release of new products.

In fact, his top tweet did just that:

Though not every techie is an Apple fan. And that’s ok.

If you love Android (@Android), consider giving their account a look and follow. They, of course, tweet about the latest updates and product features. But they also tweet funny one-liners and helpful information, something every Android-loving fan can really make use of.

Their top tweet was in 2014 and featured the Android Lollipop rollout, a version of their operating system developed by Google.

Speaking of Google (@google), their top tweet was in 2015 and features a video of change, as you can see below. Nice.

Google often retweets from their other subsidiaries, such as Google Nexus (@googlenexus), Google Art (@googleart), and Google Trends (@GoogleTrends) so you know what’s going on in the world, which are all great accounts to follow.

My favorite account of theirs is Google Cardboard (@googlecardboard), which is a low-cost virtual reality platform.

Their top tweet is a GIF that shows how the product works:

My favorite tech tweet of theirs, though, is one that was posted this year on April Fools’ Day. It shows the unveiling of Cardboard Plastic, a virtual reality device that literally lets you see the world. I’m psyched to get one. I need to see the world.

Kevin Rose, an Internet entrepreneur, is another tweeter you should follow. He keeps things exciting, mainly because he’s so involved in the tech world. He co-founded Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk, and has been a tech TV-host and has invested in many companies, including Twitter.

The guy is impressive, and so is his more than a million followers. His top tweet comes from 2013 and features Microsoft’s IllumiRoom, which uses Kinect to “extend” the screen of Xbox (@Xbox).

You’ll often find the latest in tech by following him, so consider doing just that.

Twitter is Only as Good as Who You Follow

These are some of the the top twitter moments and accounts that you should definitely know about as a tech fan. Each account offers something unique, and each moment says a little something about the tweeter.

However, Twitter is only as good as who you follow, and if you’re following interesting people you’ll discover more about what you’re interested in. For tech fans, I hope this article helps in your search for more interesting tech tweeters.

Who do you follow? What tech tweets do you think should have been included? Who is the best tech tweeter that has ever existed?

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