How to Use the International Space Station as Your Screensaver

Nowadays, screensavers aren’t exactly necessary to prevent image burn or to prolong the lifespan of our monitors — but screensavers can still be awesome for sprucing up your computers while you’re away.

Indeed, there are plenty of ways to use screensavers creatively. For example, did you know that the International Space Station provides a 24/7 live video feed of Earth? More than that, did you know that you can set it as your screensaver in Windows? Yes, you can, and it’s awesome.

All you have to do is install HTML Screensaver. This tool allows you to set any HTML web page as your screensaver, and best of all, multiple monitors are supported! Set your screensaver as one of the following ISS feeds:

  • ISS’s view of Earth
  • ISS’s view of itself
  • ISS’s current position over Earth

That’s it. The feeds are usually silent, but every once in a while you may hear sounds. If you don’t want to be surprised by that, you should turn off your volume whenever you expect the screensaver to show.

Consider sprucing up your computer even further with one of these live wallpapers. Indeed, live wallpapers are really easy to set up and have a lot of potential for cool effects.

Warning: These video feeds are HD 720p. So if you walk away from your computer for hours at a time, keep in mind that you’re basically streaming a LOT of data. This can be hugely problematic if you’re restricted by internet data caps.


Which feed are you going to use? How cool are these ISS feeds? Tell us in the comments below!

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