Few Tips you can use to free up some of that precious space on your phone

You can also change the way you sync audio files to your phone. Or even use a third party app for photo storage.Weirdly, trying to download a movie larger than the space you have available gets rid of temporary files.

If you find yourself constantly running out of space on your iPhone and can’t bring yourself to delete the apps or music that you use on a daily basis, there are a few tricks you can use to free up some of that precious space on your phone.

And another handy trick for Google Maps users is to clear the Google Maps cache.

Offline maps can take up hundreds of megabytes on your phone, but otherwise, Google Maps shouldn’t take up a huge amount of space on your phone.Before you do this you should find out how much storage Google Maps is taking up on your phone, because this trick is only handy if you happen to have saved offline maps in the past.


If you find a much higher number due to offline maps, you can clear your cache very easily. Fire up Google Maps on your phone (or iPad) and tap the hamburger menu. Go to Settings > About, Terms, & PrivacyClear Application Data. When you tap Clear application data, you should see a prompt asking if you want to proceed and you can tap OK.

You can find this information by going to your iPhone Settings General > Storage and iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. Here you’ll find a list of the apps on your phone, and you can see how much storage they’re taking up. (Google Maps was only taking up around 95 Mb on my phone because I don’t use offline maps, and after clearing the cache, it shaved off only around 20 Mb.)


As the prompt points out, this means you will delete all local application data, which includes any offline maps you may have saved, and will also reset cookies.

You might have to log back into Google Maps after this, where you will still be able to see your recent history and your saved places, but clearing the cache will not delete them from your phone.


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