Club Penguin Is Dead, Long Live Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin, Disney’s social network/virtual world/MMO, is no more, with Disney having shut it down on March 29, 2017. However, Disney has already launched Club Penguin Island, its mobile-only replacement for the much-loved original. Club Penguin is dead, long live Club Penguin Island!

In February 2017, Disney announced it was shutting down Club Penguin . For the uninitiated, Club Penguin was a virtual world filled with humans masquerading as penguins. This made Generation Z, which populated Club Penguin, sad. But they needn’t have worried, as Club Penguin Island has now opened its doors.

Welcome to Club Penguin Island

Unlike the old 2D Club Penguin, Club Penguin Island features 3D graphics optimized for mobile devices. It adds MMORPG-style quests, the chance to customize your character, and more besides. Unfortunately, everyone joins at the same level, so any progress made or items acquired over years of playing Club Penguin is meaningless.

Club Penguin Island looks to be a solid replacement for the original Club Penguin. It has been built from the ground up with smartphones in mind, comes laden with stuff to do, places to play, and things to see, and adds some fantastic new elements for those willing to pay.

The move to mobile will annoy some, but the same people who spent their formative years messing around in Club Penguin now spend all day, every day on their phones anyway. And Disney has hinted at the possibility of bringing Club Penguin Island to the desktop in the future.

Paying for Penguin Privileges

Club Penguin Island is available right now on Android and on iOS. It’s free-to-play, but most of the good stuff is reserved for those willing to pay for the privilege. In other words, feel free to try it, but don’t dive too deep in unless you’ve happy to pay for a monthly subscription.

Did you ever join Club Penguin in the 12 years it was open? What’s your abiding memory of the experience? Are you sad to see Club Penguin shutting down? Do you understand Disney’s decision? Will you be trying Club Penguin Island? Please let us know in the comments below!

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