Closer Look At The Full-Stack Marketer Bundle

All businesses need skilled marketers. Let that be you for just $19.

That’s right, today we have a huge bundle of marketing courses for 96% off the normal price on MakeUseOf Deals!

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What’s Covered in the Full-Stack Marketer Bundle

If you’ve always wanted to dip your toe in to the marketing world, or you’re already in marketing and looking to brush up your skills, at $19, this is a bundle of courses that is worth snagging.

There are three individual bundles of courses here, with the total number courses coming in the teens. Each focuses on key aspects of marketing on the web. There is over 22 hours of content, so you’re most certainly getting your money’s worth.

Digital Marketing Management


The first course bundle features ten courses that on various aspects of digital marketing. It covers key strategies that marketers need to know to be successful, while also digging into mistakes that many tend to make. Whether you’re new to marketing altogether, or you’re looking to add some new skills to your toolbox, you’ll benefit from this bundle of courses. Here are some of the classes offered:

  • Web CopyWriting
  • Social Media Channels
  • Web Analytics
  • SEO
  • And lots more

As you can see, there’s quite a bit covered here. This bundle alone would normally sell for $299, and there’s still plenty more left in the other classes.

Google Analytics & AdWords Tutorial

If you do anything online, you probably work with Google. If you want to do anything online involving making money, then you need to understand Google Analytics and AdWords. That’s why there’s an entire bundle here covering the two services.


The 44 lectures in the AdWords course will teach you all about targeting ad campaigns, managing an advertising budget, conducting keyword research, and plenty of other good stuff. It’s easy to make ads on AdWords, but creating ads that actually work is something else entirely.

Starting with the Google Analytics course, you’ll find 44 lectures covering things like reading reports from the service, learning who’s visiting a site and using that information intelligently, understanding the behavior of visitors, and much more. It goes quite deep, and by the end you’ll have a valuable understanding that will help in almost any job.

Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers


The last part in this bundle is actually a book that will teach you all about traction. It’s all learning how to build traction that will lead to a successful marketing campaign. It’s a great read for anyone who’s in marketing or looking to start their own business, and it’s a cool bonus to go along with the content in the courses above.

Hurry, Deal Ends Soon!

Like all good things, this deal won’t be around forever. At $19, it’s a tiny investment that could lead to some big returns down the road. Check it out, and you definitely won’t regret it!

Buy: Full-Stack Marketer Bundle

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