Apple Will Reveal New Macs on October 27

Apple will reveale what we’ve all been expecting for some time… new Macs are on their way. And we now know for sure that Apple will be revealing new Mac hardware on October 27th. Or next Thursday, for those struggling to do the math.

Another big event also has been sent out which is taking place in Cupertino on Thursday, October 27th. The invitations being sent out to the press feature a colorful version of the Apple logo and the words, “hello again” in lowercase lettering. As you can see above.

So, how do we know this means new Macs are incoming? Because Apple has used the “hello” motif to promote Macs twice before, both in 1984 and 1988. Therefore, “hello again” suggests Apple has new Mac hardware to show off. And possibly something bold up its sleeve.

A New MacBook Pro Is Long Overdue

The question on everyone’s lips is what we should expect to see unveiled on October 27th. A new MacBook Pro is long overdue, with the hardware remaining pretty much unchanged since 2012. Apple therefore needs to go big this time around, as another incremental update with no aesthetic changes is sure to underwhelm.

The only solid rumor we’ve seen so far suggests the new MacBook Pro will feature an OLED bar sitting above the keyboard. This will offer different functionality depending on the application open at that time. Other rumors include Apple ditching standard USB ports in favor of USB Type C, and the removal of the headphone jack to borrow a “feature” from the new iPhone 7. Such courage.

We could also be treated to a new iMac and/or a new MacBook Air, but the MacBook Pro is the one everyone is excited about. We’ll know for sure what Apple has up its sleeve in just over a week. And Apple will be live-streaming the whole thing on from 10am PDT on the 27th.

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