5 Free Apps Help You to Turn Selfies into Emojis, Stickers, &amp

Selfies today are more than just photos of yourself. They can help express yourself in completely new ways.Smartphones have brought about the selfie revolution, and instead of fighting selfies, embrace them.

Then it’s just a matter of choosing the right app to turn your selfie into something much more than a simple photo.To try any of these apps, you’ll need a smartphone with a good front-facing camera, or a decent webcam.

MSQRD (iOS, Android): Awesome Masks for Video Selfies!

You know how all your friends are using Snapchat filters to alter their faces? Well, you can do that without using Snapchat.MSQRD (or Masquerade) has an old concept but executes it perfectly.

Choose a filter from the options, like a panda or a scary clown mask, and watch as it is applied on your face, moving in real-time with you. You can either record it as a video or take a picture.Start MSQRD and with your front-facing camera, align your face to the “mask” outline on the screen.

Share that picture with your friends or make a kickass profile photo out of it. There are plenty of free “masks” on offer, so try them out.

Download: MSQRD for Android (Free) or for iOS (Free)

Face Melody (Web): Make Music from Your Face

IPSA, a Japanese cosmetics brand, came up with a cool new app to turn your selfie into music. The website asks you to upload your picture with your webcam, and measures your face’s color, lightness, smile, and balance. Based on these attributes, Face Melody’s algorithm matches them to musical notes.

Yes, the app (and the above video) is in Japanese, but you won’t need to know Japanese to use it. The end result is super cool. You will get a unique song based on your selfie, which you can even share with others. Take your selfie in different lighting or make different expressions to generate a new song each time.

And heck, why stop at selfies? Throw in a few of your favorite celebrities or your friends’ faces to give them a surprise.

Imoji (Android, iOS): Turn Selfies into Custom Stickers

Instead of pasting those giant yellow-face chat stickers to express yourself in a chat, why not put your own mug making the right expression? Imoji makes it super easy to turn a selfie into a sticker in a few steps.

Take a photo of yourself with the app, ideally with your face positioned in the oval drawn for it. Then use the on-screen eraser to get rid of all the background artifacts so that it’s just your expression in focus. Imoji will automatically add a white outline to the final product. Once you’re done, save it so that it’s added to your collection.

You can now share this as an image on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, or other places. It’s basically an image file that you’re sharing, but removing the background and adding a white outline makes it look like a sticker or emoji. Heck, it’s a lot better than using an emoji to English dictionary to guess meanings.

Download: Imoji for Android (Free) and for iOS (Free)

Emojiface (iOS): Emojify Your Expressions

Emojiface proves how good the iPhone ecosystem is. This is the best one out of multiple apps on iOS that turn selfies into emojis, but not one of the many Android apps we tried could do this.


All you need to do is snap a selfie with Emojiface’s easy-to-use app (the on-screen instructions are dead simple). Once you’ve got the selfie right, Emojiface will ask you for final tweaks to get the “cartoon” version of yourself right. Then it gets to work and smartly creates a suite of emojis that look like you. Easier than copy-pasting emojis from sites, right?

You’ll need to pay to unlock some emoji packs, but the basic free ones still have several great options. And yes, you can use these as emojis on any app that supports emojis, like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Download: Emojiface for iOS (Free)

And Then I Was Like (Web): Create Personal Reaction GIFs

Animated GIFs now play automatically on Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and several other instant messaging or social networking apps. Instead of finding the right reaction GIF, why not make your own?


And Then I Was Like is as simple as it should be to create your own GIF. It works perfectly on both mobile and desktop, which makes it our favorite choice for this. Grant it access to your webcam, tap the record button, and you have three seconds to record your selfie. The app will automatically turn it into a GIF quickly, and even lets you edit the speed and looping.

Sharing the app directly to Twitter or Facebook won’t auto-expand the GIF, for some reason, so it’s probably best to download it and then upload it in a post. It’s a cool way to start speaking the GIF language of the Internet.

Share a Selfie Trick

When you’re using any of these apps, remember the golden rule of selfies. Hold the camera slightly above your eye level, so that you don’t look like you have a fat face, and look at the camera, not the screen!

Do you have any smart tricks to take better selfies? Have you found some apps that turn selfies into cool new media? Share your best ideas with us!

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