12 Great Mobile Games You Can Play in Your Browser

Do you enjoy playing games on your phone, but aren’t keen on installing them? Maybe you want to save space , keep an uncluttered device, or simply like to try different games regularly. Whatever the case, you can still get your gaming fix by playing games right from your mobile browser .

Here are 12 terrific options to get you on your way to some fun without the app hassle.

1. Snake 3310

It’s fitting to start this list with an old-school favorite available for mobile browser gameplay, Snake 3310. The concept for Snake originated in the 1970s with the arcade game Blockade. In Snake 3310, you grow your snake by eating treats. Avoid running into the walls — and, of course, your own tail!

With a simple pixelated snake and four little arrow controls, this one is good, clean fun.

Snake Mobile Browser

2. Tetra

Tetra is Tetris with a slightly different name, but the same challenging gameplay. Tap to rotate the falling blocks, move them left or right, and fit them into place at the bottom to complete and clear rows. You can plan your moves by seeing which blocks are coming next on the right side. As you might guess, the blocks start to move faster as you progress.

Move quickly and don’t let the blocks pile up in this neat take on Tetris.

Tetra Mobile Browser

3. Hextris

If you like quick-thinking puzzle challenges , check out Hextris. As colored blocks come in from outside the hexagon, you must rotate it to match the colors. Pile three of the same color on top of each other to remove them from your shape before it outgrows its home.

Score as high as you can in this quick test of your reflexes.

Hextris Mobile Browser

4. Candy Rain 2

Matching games are always a hit , and Candy Rain 2 is like Candy Crush Saga for your browser. Slide to match three or more candies in a column or row and meet the level goals. You may be challenged to remove a certain type of candies or reach a specific score. Just remember, you have a limited number of moves.

For a colorful candy treat on your device, Candy Rain 2 is a sweet package.

Candy Rain 2 Mobile Browser

5. Zoo Pinball

Exercise your thumbs with something besides texting by playing Zoo Pinball. Slide to launch that metal ball and tap the flippers at the bottom to keep the ball moving.

Complete with dinging bells, bright lights, and a roaring tiger, this zoo-themed pinball game is suitable for all ages.

Zoo Pinball Mobile Browser

6. Speed Pool King

Rule the billiards table as you beat the clock in Speed Pool King. Your goal is to get every ball on the pool table into a pocket before the timer runs out. Aim, release, and sink your shot to achieve victory. You score for pocketed balls and streaks earn a multiplier. If you succeed in getting each ball into a pocket and still have time left, a new rack will pop up for you to keep scoring.

Speed Pool King is great when you have a few minutes to spare .

Speed Pool King Mobile Browser

7. Yummy Taco

Who doesn’t love tacos? In Yummy Taco, you take care of hungry customers by fulfilling their orders. Drag the ingredients onto the taco shell and serve them up. You receive coins for pleasing your customers, but must reach the level goal to keep going.

The game has a simple concept, fast-moving gameplay, and an upbeat theme for taco fans everywhere.

Yummy Taco Mobile Browser

8. Tactical Squad

Tactical Squad is an intense shooter where you play as a sniper. It’s not intense because of realism, blood, or action. Rather, the tension builds because you literally have only seconds to locate, aim at, and take out your target. Select a map and then complete each mission. Earn enough from your successful missions to buy different guns from the shop.

If you think you have what it takes to be a sharpshooter, test your skills in Tactical Squad.

Tactical Squad Mobile Browser

9. Indi Cannon

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot an Indiana Jones lookalike out of a cannon, now is your chance. Indi Cannon is an amusing game where you aim to shoot the ragdoll-like Indi to collect coins. You must collect all the coins in order to move onto the next level.

Watch out for man-eating plants, swinging axes, and scary spiders, and you’ll have a good time with this one.

Indi Cannon Mobile Browser

10. Cartoon Flight

Guide your plane through a paper-made world in Cartoon Flight. As your fighter plane continues to shoot and fly upward, move left and right to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Enemies lurk everywhere, so stay alert and take them out for more coins. You get three lives and your score is measured in distance.

How far can you make it in Cartoon Flight?

Cartoon Flight Mobile Browser

11. Truck Trials

If you dig monster trucks, then Truck Trials is for you. You move through the levels picking up loot and successfully making it to the goal. Score big, don’t crash, and cause some destruction as you barrel over cars, logs, and other objects in your path.

With tons of levels and a decent amount of challenge, you can show everyone on the game’s leaderboard who’s boss.

Truck Trials Mobile Browser

12. Classic Bowling

Classic Bowling gives you the game you enjoy without the stinky rental shoes. Move the bowler left or right, tap to select the strength of the throw, and tap once more to set the curve of the ball. Then, cross your fingers and hope for a strike. If you fail, make sure to grab the spare.

Can you bowl a perfect game? Give it a try in Classic Bowling.

Classic Bowling Mobile Browser

Mobile Browser Game Sites

Each of these games is available courtesy of the following websites. They offer a variety of games from arcade to puzzles to shooters and more. So if you like the games we’ve listed here, be sure to check out their other awesome options.

  • Fog.com: Snake 3310, Tetra, Hextris, and Candy Rain 2.
  • MyRealGames: Zoo Pinball, Speed Pool King, Yummy Taco, and Tactical Squad.
  • Games1.com: Indie Cannon, Cartoon Flight, Truck Trials, and Classic Bowling.

Do You Play Browser Games on Your Mobile Device?

It’s so common now for people to download apps and games to their mobile devices. But, you do have other options that are just as fun, if not more, than those games you have to install.

What do you think of these mobile browser titles? Ifyou currently play a great mobile browser game that you’d like to share, please tell us about it in the comments!

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